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Shipping cost

The shipping billing system is automated with the lowest possible charges.

1. By courier – courier

The minimum shipping cost of up to 4Kg for Attica is € 2.00 while for
in the rest of Greece (provinces and islands) up to 4Kg is € 3.50 including VAT.

At the end of 4Kg each 1Kg is charged EUR 1.35 including VAT for all shipments.

The shipping charge is based on the weight and volume of the order.

* If you choose ‘Payment’ mode of payment then you will be charged an additional charge of 1.85 euros including VAT.

* In case of incorrect order details or failure to contact the recipient for verification or correction, the order will be automatically canceled within 3 business days.

* Shipping by courier is for parcels of total volume or weight up to 10Kg. If the 10Kg is exceeded then the parcels are shipped with a shipping company as mentioned in 2.

* Free shipping is automatically calculated by the system if your order is from 39 euros or more for shipments throughout Greece.

2. With a shipping company

In case of large order (weight-volume) over 10kg it is advisable to contact us by email or phone to suggest the best way to ship via carrier.

For shipping by shipping company you must first pay by bank, the total amount of the order including shipping costs from our registered office to shipping.

You will be informed of your shipping cost by phone, or by email, for shipping costs.

* Delivery and delivery of products from our warehouse takes 1-3 business days (Mon-Fri) from the date of order placement.